„Knowledge does not last longer than fish.“

Alfred North Whitehead (1861 – 1947) British philosopher and mathematician

Do you get your knowledge from the freezer, for example? Or do you prefer it canned, pickled in oil? No. Knowledge and fish are best fresh!

I’ve been in marketing for 30 years, I ran a strategic communications agency for seven years, and I’ve been helping companies as a marketing consultant for 15 years.

The focus is always on fresh marketing knowledge – not only in imparting it, but especially in guiding its implementation. As an external consultant, I not only bring your teams up to date with the latest knowledge, but also accompany them in the application of this knowledge in everyday professional life.

My goal is to enable teams to coordinate and implement communicative concepts internally in order to save the costs of external service providers in the long run.

I offer

  • Consulting and Marketing Concepts
  • Seminars, workshops, webinars & live sessions
  • Planning and creation of learning journeys
  • Consumer Education
  • Social media strategies and content planning
  • Key Notes & talks

You will receive

  • up-to-date, fresh knowledge tailored to your industry
  • valuable insights and case studies
  • compact, to the point contents
  • you save yourself and your employees valuable time that you do not have to spend at congresses or similar formats

Marcus is one of our content marketing experts at XU Group. Together we have already implemented many learning and marketing projects – from various online live sessions on different content marketing focus topics, to content development of online learning modules, to podcasts and audio whitepapers. Marcus is a very professional, competent project partner with creative ideas and a high self-motivation to bring joint projects to success. I am already looking forward to many more projects that we will surely implement together in the future.

Dr. Nina Schaffert
Director XU School of Online Marketing

You have to practice what you preach

As a university lecturer of many years‘ standing, I know that the pure transmission of theory is deadly boring. Only in combination with practical experience does knowledge transfer become lively, genuine and authentic.

And you can hear that: For more than 10 years, I have given over 120 interviews as a marketing expert to the Berlin public broadcaster „radioeins“.

Learning has to be fun, entertaining and as varied as possible – in the content as well as in the media.

I am:

  • Marketing blogger & podcaster
  • the marketing expert of „radioeins“ since 2010
  • present on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat
  • university lecturer for digital marketing, social media and content creation
  • Speaker

„Thanks to him, we managed to create a uniform knowledge in the agency during Corona’s time via remote trainings and got both knowledge and fun in exciting online sessions. Thank you for your guidance, good preparation and professional training.“

David Schwerter, CEO Newline Brand Communication


„A question that is not dangerous is unworthy to be called a question“

Oscar Wilde

„All happy companies resemble each other, every unhappy company is unhappy in its own way.“, just to modify Leo Tolstoy’s sentence.

Therefore, at the beginning of the consulting process there are questions. I offer neither off-the-shelf concepts nor less-than-serious recipes for success, but work with you to develop an individual approach tailored to your company.

I advise you on

  • Objectives and strategy development
  • Segmentation of submarkets and target group-specific processing of these segments
  • Pricing and price adjustments
  • Communication strategies and implementation: both „classic“ and „below the line

Your advantages

  • my interdisciplinary thinking shows you new growth potentials
  • due to my many years of experience, I avoid expensive quick shots and focus on sustainable value development.
  • I work out the optimal market-oriented positioning with you
  • especially in crises like the recession, my view from the outside and beyond brings you new perspectives and ideas

Key Notes, Workshops & Webinare

“It takes 10.000 hours to truly master anything. Time spent leads to experience; experience leads to proficiency; and the more proficient you are the more valuable you’ll be.”

Malcolm Gladwell, journalist and author

10,000 hours of marketing experience? Check!

10,000 hours of experience in conducting workshops, seminars, lectures and talks? Check!

Experience is an essential factor, especially in workshops and webinars, when it comes to successfully and sustainably anchoring knowledge in the minds of participants in a varied way.

Experience and passion! I love my topics and so I can guarantee entertaining, inspiring and activating key notes, presentations, workshops, seminars and webinars. I prefer to work in presence, but I am also familiar with common platforms like Zoom, Teams or Webex.

My topics

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Social Media Campaigning
  • Green Marketing & Purpose Marketing
  • Content planning
  • Storytelling
  • Customer Education
  • Podcasting
  • Pricing
  • Crisis Communication
  • and much more

Good reasons for booking me

  • You get enthusiastic, motivated participants due to modern training and presentation methods
  • due to many years of teaching experience, all contents are didactically professionally prepared, tested and proven
  • I conduct practice-oriented workshops, whose work scenario is based on your specifications
  • I guide your employees to work independently, so that you can save costs for external service providers in the future
  • my keynotes and lectures are always up to date and individually written and are not „off the shelf“
  • I love what we do and I pass this enthusiasm on to your participants

„…I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your extremely valuable contribution to the 12th German Marketing Innovation Day. With this presentation, you contributed significantly to the overall excellent success of the conference…“

Prof. Dr. A. Fürst, WiGIM

A small excerpt of the companies and associations I have already spoken to:
Microsoft, Social Impact Lab, Marketingclub Berlin, Dehoga, GrimmHeimat, BKC, HSMA, BDVT, Berliner Sparkasse, climate KIC, Rhenus Logistics, Berlin Convention Office (BCO), IHK Potsdam, Cornelsen Verlag, Xella Group, Newline Brand Communication, XU Group u.v.m.

Green Marketing & Stories of Success

„Challenge the giants and change business for good.“

Richard Branson, Founder & CEO Virgin Group

In 2015, in my book „Green Marketing – An Introduction,“ I addressed the question of how we can better market good products and ideas using the tools of marketing. The topic has grown in urgency since then.

The line between „green marketing“ and „green washing“ is extremely thin – and even other good ideas such as „purpose“ are always in danger of having their noble intentions misused for shameless marketing.

When we tell stories of success, the art of storytelling is combined with the power of positive example. No morally raised forefinger, but examples that give hope.

„In his extremely entertaining lecture on „storytelling,“ Bartelt clearly explained how important the oral transmission of stories has been for human history. According to Bartelt, it has always been legends and conspiracy theories that fascinated people and they have remembered them well. Religions, grandma’s home recipes, theater, literature and cinema also told stories, and service providers could harness this fascination.“

Ralph-Michael Krum, Wirtschaft Nordhessen 3/14

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

Podcasts & Media

„Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing departement.“

David Packard (1912 – 1996), Mitbegründer von Hewlett Packard

Marketing affects us all – and not just those responsible in companies or students. Every day, we are all exposed to a wide variety of marketing tools that are used to try to steer our attitudes and decisions.

And so, for over 10 years, I have been explaining the most diverse marketing aspects to listeners of the public broadcaster „radioeins“ – in 125 interviews to date.

In the studio with radioeins presenters Daniel Finger (left) and Sven Oswald (right)

But for exciting and entertaining audio content, you don’t necessarily need a radio station anymore: Podcasts are a booming medium and so Benjamin Lehmann and I bring big marketing topics with fun and ease to the ears of our listeners with the „makketing Marketing Show“. A „makketier“ as a discussion guest always rounds off the shows and gives us insights into exciting marketing worlds.

Our students often like to ask us what it was like back in the 80s, in West Berlin, when we were the same age as the participants today. This also led to a podcast: „Rendezvous unterm Neonlicht.

Podcasting is not magic – and so here, too, we can pass on our knowledge to our customers from practical experience.

My podcasts (only German)

But print media also like to interview me on marketing topics: In August 2018, the trade magazine w&v quoted me as a green marketing expert on the topic of „Vegan meat products as a marketing gag?“

There were also other mentions on this topic in ÄrzteZeitung, Mannheimer Morgen, Weser Kurier and other newspapers.

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